Intuitive Soul Guidance Reading

Past, Present & Future

Do you feel you are at a crossroads in your life?
Would you like to feel more focused and clear about your purpose and future?
Are you looking to learn more about your unique gifts?
Are you seeking guidance and deep healing?

Intuitive Soul Guidance Reading


What does a session look like?

Most of us get so caught up in the day-to-day of our lives, that we forget that we are a soul first. Your soul, the Divine essence of who you are, has traveled through many lifetimes to evolve into who you are today.

The Akashic Records holds the record of your soul’s journey from creation until your present experience. The Records contain our collective wisdom and are a holographic repository of all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds, from every lifetime you have ever lived. They hold information about your past lives, present life, and possible future lives.

This accumulation of this energy creates the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime that assist in our continuing evolution. By finding out more about your soul’s journey, you can gain deep awareness, healing, and answers on how to navigate your life’s journey. This is a 1 hour live session and includes a customized protocol sent to you via email following our session to support you in your integration.

An Intuitive Soul Record Reading will guide you in multiple ways by helping you to:

Understand your soul’s purpose and how best to align with it

Receive Divine guidance about the lessons you are here to learn and your life’s mission

Bring wisdom and clarity to any questions on business, relationships, finances, past traumas, past lives, karmic patterns and future timelines

Recognize blocks to achieving your goals and realizing your highest potential

See your life from a different perspective to help you heal your past

Receive soul guidance from your own Spirit Guides in order to help you move forward in an aligned direction, with clarity and certainty

All insight is conveyed within the space of pure unconditional love and is always for your highest and best good.