Combination Reading Healing Package

Combination Healing Reading Package


What does a session look like?

What most people don’t realize is that our bodies are powerful messengers, constantly delivering messages to us through sickness, injuries, chronic pain and dis-ease. When we look underneath the surface level of these physical symptoms, we discover emotional difficulties within that have not been addressed and are asking for our attention and care.

This intensive healing and reading session brings about deep healing and awareness – you become aware of your physical, emotional and mental well-being, allowing you to answer questions on your life direction and path, coupled with Intuitive messages that are brought forth during your healing and reading.

This is approximately a 1 hour and 30 minute session (depending on the depth of healing needed it may be longer) which includes a 30 minute Intuitive journey Reading and a one hour Energy Healing Session. The intuitive reading is fully recorded and sent to you via the email provided in your contact form.